BTS 100 Days Project

Ssup A.R.M.Y Indonesia !!
Untuk merayakan 100 hari debutnya BTS, kami ARMY Indonesia United ingin mengajak kalian untuk berpartisipasi dalam project kami, yaitu “BTS 100 Days Poject”.

Dibawah ini merupakan detail project tersebut :

  • Kami membuka kesempatan bagi kalian yang ingin berdonasi demi kelancaran BTS 100 Days Project, dimana nantinya jumlah donasi kalian akan kami kumpulkan dan akan kami belikan hadiah untuk masing-masing member BTS.
  • Jika uang donasi yang dikumpulkan melebihi target, maka uang tersebut akan kami gunakan untuk membeli hadiah ulang tahun untuk Jeongguk dan Rap Monster, karena memang hari ulang tahun mereka juga tidak berbeda jauh dengan 100 hari debutnya BTS.
  • Bagi kalian yang memberikan donasi sebanyak Rp 100.000 atau lebih, kalian akan diberikan kesempatan untuk mengirim surat untuk member BTS yang nantinya akan kami kirim beserta hadiah tersebut.

Donasi dapat ditransfer melalui :
– Bank Mandiri
    a/n Vatia Ardaputri

– Bank BCA
   a/n Jeanny Riaty

Setelah transfer dimohon untuk mengisi form berikut :

klik disini

#PS : Deadline pengiriman donasi sampai tanggal 10 Agustus 2013.

Kami sangat mengharapkan partisipasi kalian dalam pengumpulan donasi ini dan mengucapkan terima kasih untuk kalian yang ikut berpartisipasi dan membantu melancarkan project ini, semoga dengan adanya project ini para member BTS ikut mengenal ARMY Indonesia . ^^

Best Regards,
ARMY Indonesia United

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음악봇 랩몬입니다. 기분이 안좋다면 이노래!! Robin Thicke ft Pharrell & T.I. – Blurred Lines

I’m the music bot RapMons. If you’re not feeling when then is this song!! Robin Thicke ft Pharrell & T.I. – Blurred Lines


Balmain! 와 예쁘당

With Balmain!, beautiful



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You’ve waited long for me, right? I waited so long to write. I’ll greet you all first~ Hello! It’s Jimin.

I’m late with writing this but~ I’m really happy that I’m finally getting the chance to write on the fancafe!! Clapclapclap!…

Hm..I don’t need to introduce myself that much since you all know about me, right?

In the team, I’m in charge of……..attractiveness. Hahaha!!!!!!

(I’ll think to myself that you all knew about that. Please think that now, quickly!! ㅋㅋㅋ)

We’ve arrived home just now after finishing our dance practice. In a few hours our next trailer will be revealed and my heart is racing ㅎㅎ We’re also waiting longingly while doing a countdown! Now that I check again, there’s really not a lot of days left until D-Day.ㅎ

There’s really not a lot of days left until we can communicate with our fans from the stage where everyone will be watching us! ㅎㅎ

Just the thought of it frequently makes me nervous and anxious and stops me from sleeping ㅠ.ㅠ

I want to stand on the stage fast and
Meet our fans quickly and talk…
Thinking of things like that makes the days go by fast.
The hyungs who’ve waited longer than me will probably also be waiting…

Right now I’m only thinking about standing on stage in front of our fans but I think when the time actually comes, I’ll freeze! up…

(When that happens, please help me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ)

ㅎㅎ Until we stand on stage, we’ll be doing our never-ending practices to prepare to show cool performances!

During the time remaining, I hope our fans anticipate! Anticipate! And anticipate more!

(Oh right ㅎ In the post where I said I like a dongsaeng~ I was talking about my biological dongsaeng ㅎ)

This was Bangtan’s full-of-fighting Jimin.!





trans. by:  Christie @ bts-trans

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희망이형이랑 미팅 대기중에v

In the middle of the meeting with Hope-hyung v

**Note: He wrote “Hope” in Korean instead of doing it in English



지금 춤을 뜨겁게 불태우고 있는중이에요!으아~!

Right now I’m dancing a burning hot dance uwah

오늘 댄스 하얗게불태웠어V
We burned the dance clearly as always V

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랩몬입니다 여러분. No More Dream 트레일러에서 제 간지터지는 목소리의 진가. 모두 느껴보시길 바라겠습니다 yehyeh. 여러분들 잠 내가 루팡^^

It’s RapMons you all. In the No More Dream trailer I show the true value of my voice. I hope you all enjoy it yehyeh. Everyone go to sleep ^^


★5000★ 경축

★5000★ celebration


여러분 다들 불금에 뭐하시나요? 제이홉은 연습중 ㅠㅠ 힘들어용 @-@…

What are you all doing? J-HOPE is in the middle of the rehearsal ㅠㅠ it’s hard @-@…

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여러분.. 모의고사어땠나요Vv… 전 괜찮아요 ㅠㅠ…

How was the practice exam you all? vV I’m/mine fine ㅠㅠ…


헐 슈간데요 뷔가 제 비니를 허락도 없이 썻네요 혼구녕을 내줄테다

Heol, I’m Suga. V wore my beanie without my permission, I’ll take your soul.


방탄홍보봇 슈가등장! 트랙리스트가 떳습니다 응캬캬 공카에서 확인가능 합니돠아~

BTS’ public relations bot Suga appears! The tracklist has been unveiled eungkyakya check it out on the fancafe~


안녕하세요 음악추천봇 랩몬입니다. 오늘은 The Script의 Breakeven. 가사가 진짜 예술이에요. 심장이 부서질 땐 똑같이 반으로 부숴지지 않으니까~

Hello, I’m the music recommendation bot RapMons. Today it’s The Scrip’s Breakeven. The lyrics are really artistic. Because when your heart is broken, you can’t break it the same way~
**Note: his last sentence are actually the lyrics of the song (and I actually think the got a word wrong).


브인데요.. 덥지않아요?..⊙д⊙ 물놀이V

I’m V but… Is not hot?… ⊙д⊙ having fun in the water V


현충일에도 work!! 더위조심하세요

Working even in the Memorial Day!! be careful of the


랩몬입니다. 오늘은 6월 6일 현충일입니다! 조국 수호를 위해 돌아가신 순국선열 및 호국영령에 대한 묵념! 저희가 이토록 자유롭게 음악을 할 수 있는 것도 다 그 숭고한 희생들 덕분일 것입니다. 그 분들의 넋을 기립니다.

I’m RapMons. Today is June 6th, Memorial Day! It’s a day when we have a moment of silence and we par tribute to the national heroes’ spirits who gave up their lives to defend our country. Thanks to them we can do music freely like this, so it’s all thanks to their noble sacrifice. We pay respect to those people’s souls.


자아겁을 합시이다아 가사아아를 씁시다아 고오옥을 씁시다아 이런 더운날엔 작업실에 박혀있는게 짱짱!! 아 맞다 나 매일 작업실에있지??:(

Let’s get to wo-ork let’s write some lyr-ics let’s write some mu-usic! It’s great being stuck in the work room on a hot day like this!! Oh right, I’m in the work room every day, huh?? 😦

모의고사 잘 보셨어요?? 저도 어제 시험보러 학교갔었는데 친구가 몰래 제 사진을 찍었더라구요! 도대체 언제! 그래도 사진 느낌있는데??ㅋㅋㅋ

Has your practice exam went well? I also went to do it yesterday but a friend of mine took a photo of me without knowing! When did he took it!! But still the pic has a feeling?? kkk


제이홉 찡마스크 사진볼때마다 티라노 사우르스같다 앞으로 티라노제이홉스라 불러야지

Every time I see the photo of J-HOPE with the mask I think he looks like a Tyrannosaurus, I gotta call him Tyrannosaurus from now on


너무더워요๑_๑ 봄으로 돌아가고시프다

It’s really hot ๑_๑ I want to go back to Spring..

뭐?? 지금 자러가는 사람들이 있다고?? 좀이씀 트레일러 공갠데?? 허어어얼!

What?? That there’s people sleeping now?? But the trailer is gonna be released soon?? heohohohol!

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응캬캬 랩라인 삼인방의 사진이 떳습니닷!! 잘감상하셨나욥??슈가가 젤잘나옴 🙂

Eungkyakya The three rap line members’ photos have been released!! have you seen them well?? Suga is looking good 🙂


잠깐만요 슈가님이 한가지 간과하신게 있는데; 남자는 블랙 남자는 수트죠 결론은 랩몬리다몬짱짱걸

Wait a bit, Suga-nim has overlooked something but; the men, the black men is in a suit of course, in the end, since RapMons is the leader, cool cool


역시남자라면 마스크죠!!! 안그래영?? 헤헤@-@ 제이홉짱짱

Of course if you’re a man it’s a mask!!! Or not?? hehe @-@ J-HOPE cool cool


저희 슈가형 홉형 리다형 잘보셨나요? 전 내일 전국모의고사를 위해 일찍자겠스므리더vV 내일 아침에봐유 쁑⊙д⊙


Have you seen, our Suga-hyung, Hop-hyung & Leader-hyung teaser photos? In order to pass the nationwide exam practice tomorrow I’ll go to sleep early vV I’ll see you in the morning tomorrow ppyeong ⊙д⊙


안녕하세요 슈간데요 뷔랑 지민이가 오늘 모의고사 친다고 하네요… 흠 제 고1 담임선생님이 말씀하셨죠 모의고사는 실력이 아니라 시력으로 치는 거라고 응캬캬 오늘 모의고사 치는 고등학생 내님들아 부디 시력말고 실력으로 잘치길 기도하겠습니다 응캬캬

Hello I’m Suga. Today Jimin will go to do the practice exam… Hmm my teacher said it once, that the practice exam is not about skills it’s about the visuals eungkyakya all the high schoolers taking the practice exam today, I hope you do the visuals well and not your skills eungkyakya.
**Note: I think he’s saying to make the exam paper look nice and clean and not a total mess.


안녕하세요 리다몬입니다. 흑백대비가 쩌는 수묵화, 저도 참 좋아하는데요. 제가 한번 그려보…..?


Hello I’m the leader. I really like the black & white contrast of the Indian ink and should I try painting it once…?


고양이. photograph by SUGA


Cat photograph by SUGA


여러분 모하시나용 ??지금제이홉은 치카푸카중 @-@


What are you all doing?? Right now J-HOPE is brushing his teeth @-@

네 그래요 저 면도하는 남자에요 상남자 스뭬엘~ 근데 방탄소년단의 음반 예약이 시작된건 알고 계시나요?? 크 공카공지를 확인해주세욧 응캬캬  고고고!!!

Yeah, that’s right, I’m a man who shaves, a man’s smell~ By the way, did you know that the preorder for the BTS’ album has already started?? please check the link for the news eungkyakya go go go!!!




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I’m Bangtan Boys’ maknae Jungkook.
It’s my first time writing on the cafe.
I have so many things I want to say but don’t know where to start..

There’s a week left until our first performance and all the nervousness and anxiety from before feels like it’s moving to my stomach.
But if they’re feelings for our fans, I will have to bear it.
You guys want to meet us soon too, right??

Bear it..

Today the photos of all seven members were were they?
I couldn’t register anything while we were taking those photos but time has gone by so fast and now the photos are being revealed and we’ll be meeting’s cool.

For the remaining time left, we (especially me) will be preparing hard to show a cooler side of us.

Please anticipate and cheer us on a lot!




Translated by busantoki @ Tumblr