Y’all~~~~ haha Today’s too J-HOPE’s hopeful review is about Street Dance * ^ ^ *

The last week hmm… Friday??!! I posted/uploaded the dance practice I did with Jimin and Jeongguk!!! hahahaha

How was it?? It was cool right!!! We’ll often upload Bangtan’s dance video and practice videos uwahahaha

I want entusiastic reactions, I want them!!




Hm… nagging about this!

Today you’ll see related videos to the street dance ‘Locking’ ^^

Hilty $ bosch is the name of the dancers of the URBAN DANCE CAMP workshop’s video. It’s extremely powerful and it has a lot of rhythm and funky actions. When it comes to the performance, I think the freestyle is very well done and it’s a very cool video so that’s why I shared it with you. Immerse yourself into the world of dance! The locking, as the poppin’, it’s a dance done using funky music. Of course, it’s a dance that it has a long and deep history with the poppin’. For more histories you’ll have to search and click enter ^^ hahat!

Now an easier video!!! ^^ The dance is easier than the one on the video above!

The video you can see now, it was aired on TV, it’s from “Korea’s got talent 2” where the dancer Khan and Moon showed a similar performance to the one Beyonce did on the Billboard Awards. Because of this, I think that it’s a dance that anybody would enjoy!

Taking a deeper look at the locking, the more you watch it, I think it’s also fun and enjoyable dance to do it all together!! Isn’t it exciting?????? I think that in this video is a bit easier to learn locking. How it’s going?

Locking is a dance that is not often seen, it’s still not very known, so there’s still people who don’t know about it~~

So, I prepared another video for you ㅠㅠ~

It’s really famous video, MC HAMMER’s U Can’t Touch This music video.

All of you once, or by chance!! or sometimes!! CF!!!! I think you’ve heard and/or seen it because it’s a famous song and it’s not hard!!! ^^

I personally thought that since the MV’s performance has poppin’ and locking I had to prepare it~ ^^ It’s a dance that it’s done with funky music, I also think that even if the important points of the movements aren’t in it, and through funky rhythms it’s easier to understand it this way and easier to do it. It’s not?!

Me too, the locking I’ve introduced to you, I enjoy dancing to it~~@-@

The poppin’, unlike the locking, most people think it that it’s hard but I hope the people who saw my review will understand it better and try dancing to locking, the street dance~

Hmm… today’s review about locking was a bit long~~ if the people like maybe I…? another video…?!! hahahaha


J-HOPE’s 2nd Street Dance review – Locking




Translated by akumanobonnou @ tumblr


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