[TWITTER] 130209

[JIN to fan] NYC the coolest city in the world~ thank u so much love from Seoul~!

[JIN to fan] Wussup from Seoul. hope to meet ya in Singapore someday. ive heard theres so clean & nice

[RAP MONSTER to fan] 19 in US, 20 in Korea

(TN: Question was – How old are you?)

[RAP MONSTER] We have 10 minutes, ask any questions that you want to ask~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


(TN : Question was – Jin, who is your favourite rapper?)

[JIN] 아 그리고 이건 제 손인데요. 불만있으면 찾아오세요 친절하게 손봐드려요^^ pic.twitter.com/YnqYy36j

[JIN] Click… Click… we’re in Daegu.. Daegu.. SUGA please survive.. Click… Please respond… Click.

[JIMIN] It’s Jimin! Tomorrow is Seollal~ (Lunar New Year) So much food is being made! Please eat a lot everybody~! I will be eating a lot too hahaha

[JIN to fan] Hello my name is Jin

[RAP MONSTER] Happy new year Baby~

[RAP MONSTER] 祝 你 新 年 快 乐~

(TN : Happy New Year in chinese)



cr: bangtan@tumblr


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