[TWITTER] 130216

[RAP MONSTER] 저는 지금 연습실이에여~! 후항 다들 학원도 잘 다녀오시고~ 점심도 맛있게 드시고~ 심호흡하시고ㅋㅋ 로그도 보시공~ 인강도 잘 들으세요!

[SUGA] Hello, I’m so tired I almost fell asleep. I’m alone at the dorms right now. It’s SUGA. ㅠㅠ I’m lonely and sad sobsob ㅠㅠ

[SUGA] 안녕하세요 숙소에 가만히 있다 가마니가 될거같은 민감안 입니다

[SUGA] So many international fans responding in english. It’s impossible to understand because I’m one of the victims of the Korean-English education in Korea ㅠㅠ It’s hard to learn English, but I’m trying hard to become fluent in it~~!!

[SUGA] Actually, I’m trilingual – English, Korean and some other Korean dialects..

[SUGA] International fans, how r u? Thank you for all the tweets, but I have no idea how to respond to you? It’s unavoidable.. but I’m only good in Korean sobsob

[SUGA] 전 영어를 전혀못하는게 아닙니다!! 한국인답게 읽고 듣고 이해는 하는데 말을 못하죠^^


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