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안녕하세요 슈가입니다 어느순간 팔로워가 2000명을 넘겼군요!! 짝짝짝 팔로워 2222명 이 되면 여러분께 선물을 드리겠습니다~~!! 딱..딱히 주..주고 싶어서 그런건 아니라구!

Hi its Suga, so the number of our followers has exceeded 2000 people, cheering! if it exceeds 2222, i’ll give you gifts, but its not because i want to give you!

 *cr: cheorin @ twitter*

Everybody, Suga & Rap Monster are staying up until dawn today to write our title song.. aah it’s tiring please give us strength!! 

여러분 슈가&랩몬은 오늘도 타이틀곡을 쓰기위해 새벽을 불태우고있습니다 으아아 저희에게 힘을 주시와요!!

*cr: selca-jin @ tumblr*

꾸기와 제이홉은 오늘 알게모르게 깔맞춤 하하하

Guk and J-Hope are, today, quite similar, hahaha.

*cr: cheorin @ twitter*


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