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안녕하세요 방탄 특파원 슈가입니다! 오늘도 타이틀곡을 쓰느라 밤낮을 설치는 슈가&랩몬 전 이미 가이드녹음을 했고 랩몬이 가이드 녹음을 하고있네요!! 캬캬캬 이상 작업실에서 슈가였습니다

Hello everybody this is Bangtan’s reporter SUGA! Today we are writing the title track, an event continuing day and night. SUGA and Rap Monster have been recording the guide, Rap Monster’s guide part is done! Kyakyakya this has been reporter SUGA.

이제야 숙소도차악 저와 랩몬은 이제서야 잡니다 여러분 굿모닝!!

Finally the lesser evil happened in the dorms and Rap Monster finally went to sleep. Good morning everybody!!

This is Rap Monster. I was working on the title song when this beautiful song helped me relax, it makes me happy. Tete – Floral Rain



*cr: selca-jin @ tumblr


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