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요즘 사진찍기에 맛들린 슈가입니다~ 블로그에 사진들 올렸으니 많이들 보러 와주시와요~ http://bts.ibighit.com 

This is SUGA who lately is possessed by taste of photography~ I uploaded photos on the blog so please come and look at them a lot~http://bts.ibighit.com 

나중에 초망원렌즈 사서 나를 찍어주시는 대포누나들을 내가 또 찍어야지 캬캬캬

Later I’ll buy a telephoto lens and definitely will take photos of the noonadeul who take photos of me kyakyakya

사진에 워터마크를 넣고싶다… 워터마크 문구로 ‘SUGA는 슙슙하고 움’ 이랑 ‘SUGA의 슈칵슈칵’ 이외에 다른 아이디어 받습니당~

I would like to put a watermark on the photos… In addition to a watermark with the phrase ‘SUGA는 슙슙하고 움’ and ’SUGA의 슈칵슈칵’ I’ll also receive other ideas~

아 여러분들의 생각보다 약한 드립들… 빵터지는거 하나만 던져주세욧!

Ah dreams that are weaker than what you thought… Bang. Throw something explosive!

먼훗날 하이엔드 dslr사면 팬분들께 말해야지… “같..같이… 출사갈래..??”

In the future if I buy a high-end DSLR, I’ll ask the fans… “D-do you want to go together…?”

나중에 나이들면 옥탑방에 음악작업실 만들고 그옆에 카메라두고 야경이랑 별사진 찍어야지.

Later if I get older, I’ll make a music studio on top of the roof and next to that, I’ll leave my camera to take photos of the night and stars.

나중에 내가 돈 잘벌면 우리 방탄이들한테 카메라 사주고싶다

Later if I earn money well, I want to buy a camera for our Bangtan kids.

랩모니는 하이엔드가 어울릴거 같고 진형이랑 제이홉은 미러리스 정국이랑 지민이는 똑딱이 🙂 난 멀리서 흐뭇하게 초망원으로 방탄이들 찍어야지 😀 아버지의 마음으로 캬캬

For Rapmon I think a high-end one fits, for Jin and J-hope it’s mirrorless, for Jeongukie and Jiminie it’s automatic.* As for me, from a distance I’ll heartwarmingly shoot the Bangtan boys with a telephoto 😀 With a father’s heart haha

사실 난 방탄덕후라능 흐흐

In fact I’m devoted to Bangtan** heuheu

열심히 일하는 아들의 뒷모습을 바라보는 아버지 기분으로 찍었다능 J-HOPE photograph by SUGA

I have this feeling of being a father watching his son studying hard. J-HOPE photograph by SUGA

오늘 새로 염색했어요! 처음으로 한 염색인데 되게 신비롭네 ㅎ 어때요?

Today I dyed my hair ! This is the first time I’m doing it, it’s weird ㅎ How is it ?




*cr: fuckyeahsuga @ tumblr & now-she-bangin @ tumblr & @cheorin


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