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안녕하세요 슈가입니다~ 저희는 주말도 없이 타이틀 녹음중입니다! 다들 뭐하고 계신가요 ㅎ

Hi this is SUGA ! We’re going to spend our week-end to record the song title! Everyone, what are you going to do ㅎ


다들 심심과 시험공부에 찌들어 있군요… 녹음도중 쉬는타임을 이용해 여러분들의 질문 3개만 받겠습니다 ㅋ / 3 Qs!

I guess you’re all tired and bored of studying for the exams… While recording, during our free time, everyone, we will receive/accept your questions ㅋ / 3 Qs!


@BTS_twt : 딱 답변끝내니까 제이홉이 나오네욬ㅋㅋㅋ 전 이만 다시 녹음하러… 🙂

There we are, it was enough to reply! I leave the place to J-Hope ㅋㅋㅋ I’m going back to the recording… 🙂



*cr: cheorin / bts_france


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