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으아아 슈가가 왔슈가 데뷔가 코앞이라 피곤하슈가 그래도 로그는 올렸슈가 🙂

Uwahaha Suga has come, in front of you the tired Suga and Suga who has uploaded a Log 🙂

**Note: he made a pun mixing Suga + the verb ‘come’ (왔다+슈가)**


출사나가고싶은 날씨다~~여러분은 이좋은 날씨에 뭐하고 계신가요~ 이 슈가는 빈둥빈둥 😦

[SUGA] The weather is good and I want to go and take photos~ what do you want to do in this good weather?~ This Suga is doing nothing 😦



RAP!!!! MON!!!!!!!!!! S!!!!!!!! From 11!!!!!1 Lo!!!!!!!! G!!!!!! UPLOA!!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!!


오랜만이라서 흥분한척좀 해봤습니다. 날씨도 좋은데 좋은주말되세여 여러분 흐하하

[RAPMON?] It’s been a long time so I’m kinda excited. The weather is good too so have a nice weekend uwahaha


백만년만에 제이홉입니다 흐잇 오늘은 날씨도 좋은데 생각해보니 어린이날이네욤 .. 크핫 오늘만큼은 어린이가되볼려구요 뿌잉 다들뭐하고있어요? @-@

[J-HOPE] After one million years, I’m J-HOPE (laughs) today’s weather is very good but, coming to think of it today is Children’s Day… (big laugh) Just for today let’s become children ppuing what are you all doing? @-@


하하하하하 모두들 즐거운 주말, 즐거운 어린이날되세용 그럼 제이홉은 이만 하하!!!! @-@

[J-HOPE] Hahahaha you all, I hope you all spend a great weekend and a happy Children’s Day, so, it’s been J-HOPE haha!!!! @-@


으아아 오늘 어린이날이라고 가로수길에 어린이들 사진찍으러갔는데 나으 사랑스러운 렌즈 45.8의 렌즈캡을 잃어버렸다 슙슙 분명 렌즈에 껴놨는데 사라짐 데헷 오늘 가로수길에서 올림푸스 렌즈캡 보신분 그거 사실 제꺼에여 🙂

Uwahaha Today it’s Children’s Day and the kids went outside to take pictures but I’ve lost my lovely 45,8 lenses sobs sobs
I put clean lenses but they’re gone ehe
Today at the avenue, if anyone sees the Olympus lens cap it’s, in fact, mine.


오늘 어린이날이라고 가로수길로 이쁜어린이들을 찍으러 갔다 근데 말도 안되게 저멀리서 당나귀가 걸어왔다 그것도 두마리. 당나귀한테뒷발차기 맞을거 같아서 빠른 발걸음으로 당나귀를 앞질러서 걸아감 십년감수함

Today since it’s Children’s Day we went outside to take photos of the cute kids. But, it was ridiculously far and a donkey, even two of them came walking. The donkey kicked and felt like it’ll hit me so with quick steps I went in front of the donkey and I was scared to death.


아니 당나귀가 무서운게 아니라 가로수길에 당나귀가 있다는게 무서운거에영 그것도 두마리

No, the donkey isn’t scary but if the donkey is in the avenue isn’t that scary? also, two of them.


아니 그것도 가로수길 인도 한복판을 지나가는데 당나귀가 너무 당당했었다 막 버려져있는 커피도 먹고 그랫음 마치 ‘이곳이 닝겐의 가로수길입니까??크크킄 접수해드리죠’ 이런 느낌이였음 깡패 당나귀

No, also, they were walking in the middle of the sidewalk and they were too imposing. They also drank the coffee that was just spilled while marching. “Is this the avenue? keukeukeuk let me be”, the donkeys had this kind of thug feeling.


지금 숙소에 카메라가 있어서 그렁데 좀따 당나구 사진 올려드림 진짜진짜진짜

Right now, we’re going to the dorm, I had a camera but I’ll upload the photos of the donkeys I took ; really really really

**Note: he used Gangwon dialect for ‘donkey’ in the last tweet. Also, I think he’s mixing ‘photo’ with ‘really’.**




cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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