[BLOG] 121227 A normal Christmas Day trainee reviews

Christmas Day was really just another day…

On to the pictures kkk

Christmas is

At morning I wanted to eat something so I woke up early but the kids were already waiting outside.

The kids noticed me soon so we ate something delicious, so in the morning we ate cripsy chicken breast which wasn’t really smooth.

So for breakfast we ate chricken breast and chiken breast for lunch too, isn’t it tasty?

Also, we went to record kk

I’m recording but I’m bored.

Rapmonster who is recording in the back and singing.

We’ve Christmas holidays but, eventually, we’re allt ogether in the Bangtan Room kk

Last christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away~


We also have dance lessons.

Save me.

It’s so hard I could die but I wanted to upload a review so I took some photos.

Next to me Rapmons is sleeping.

??? Why are you sleeping ???

Also, we went to the dorm.

Isn’t it unfair? Don’t you agree?

So, I washed and went kk

I dressed prettily but I almost froze to death.

Without covering we went out like that

We passed the avenue and we bought a cake from the bakery for 10,000 won. *not sure*

Come k come and eat.

You’re gonna eat the chiken breast.

But I’m sad.

It’s Christmas but yesterday snowed and I thought it’d be a white Christmas… (sadness)

Boss, please, we’re pathetic so please, let’s not dine together for once…

You give us dinner and you also make song for us…

I’m ok, please boss, prepare the debut.

Ate the cake and I’m sleepy.

It’s Christmas.

To take a nap or to sleep, the 34,000 wons worth pajamas received from my mother as a present.

Taking a selca to finish this Christmas Day.

Actually, I sleep but I woke up, looked at my face and my eyes weren’t focused ㅠㅠ

But I still feel sleepy.


(Bangtan, you’ve done well and even if you had a solo Christmas you enjoyed it, thanks for taking the time to read this)

If the response is good, me and RapMon will upload a selca to celebrate New Year’s Eve.



cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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