[BLOG] 130110 Suga’s Maschine mk2 review

SUGA’s MIDI equipment review :: Maschine mk2

In Korea, there’s a lot of music and people.

I, with the boss Bang Sihyeok PD, started producing with professional producers.

Like me, people who are studying for the entrance exams or for the Practical Music Department.

Or those who like hip hop a lot and want to make beats, and so on…

I wanted to communicate with those people so I reviewed this MIDI equipment.

South Korea’s first

The MIDI equipment the trainee introduces.

It’s starting from today.


What is that? Isn’t it crazy?

(I the ideas exposed in the reviews are subjective and can vary depending on what you think)

The first MIDI device review

It’s Native Instruments ‘ Maschine mk2.

In the video you can see a simple way to use.

I hate long posts~ these people seem like they’ll watch the video…

(Still try to read it… I wrote it with all my might ㅠㅠㅠ)


Rap Monster used Maschine mk2 cool and nicely.

Indeed, I thought that those who saw the video will ask “what are those writings?”


This is Native instruments (Below NI) ‘s Maschine mk2 which resembles the other one and has a lot of differences compared to the MPC one.

In NI the products are divided into KOMPLETE / MASCHINE / TRAKTOR, these 3 brands/series.

This Maschine mk2 is the following of the Maschine mk1.

(mk2 was released not long ago so mk1 are selling often at half of the original price)

As it happens, I have 3 models (Komplete audio6, Maschine mk2, Traktor s4).

(Don’t get me wrong but I’m not a NI nerd… don’t get me wrong!..)

Mk1 received a good response and the subsequent model, the mk2 was released…

The mk2 hasn’t changed much compared to the the mk1, the mk1 whose color is black and the other one was white.

With a high-resolution display, the replacements, the further widening samples ect.

In fact, no functional changes.

But, the replace custom kit is the attractive point and it wins with that.


(Customized in golden color prettily, I customized it twice!)

The biggest features of the mk2 is the custom photo.

In fact, I wanted photos before and after customizing it but Rap Monster broke the customizable one…

Thanks god there were photos of it before customizing in on the internet.


(Before customizing it, in black)


(Before customizing the maschine in white color, it looks like a toy)


(The first day I met the machine…!!)


(Originally it was black. The white maschine was customized in golden color)

To use the machine in default, you’ll need to install it.

If you don’t have this maschine’s program, you can’t find more functions in a simple USB controller.

But this maschine program has a very difficult program.

Used as a sequencer too, something lacks and is the fact that it is large enough to use as a VST.

The Cubase it’s uncomfortable to work with, also, it’s not easy to work in the Cubase.

The best is how maschine sequencer works.

(Something lacking as a sequencer, likethey said looking through YouTube, the maschine writes very well!)

Its own built-in sample of the sound is pretty good (especially the drums)

Starting with the 808 kit and the 909 kit is not too bad to hear the sounds of the drums.

A lot of people, work using a pad in MPC,MPD,Maschine,trigger finger; I’ve lots of interest in the pad.

I’ve written about MPC500,MPD18,Maschine mk2,trigger finger.

The touch sensitivity of the Maschine the other hand, is the most sensitive of the four.

(Unfortunately, it has the sensitivity of the knob touch, it has a feel of when touching newborns, careful).

– The Benefits –

Convenience, fancy design, various custom kit, and a sensitive touch sensitivity, generally +2

Good samples than you think.

– Disadvantages –

MIDI to work your mouse and keyboard, machine only to work, but is quite uncomfortable. the sensitivity knob, no matter how I use the sense of anom

Maschine not working alone, unlike the MPC series, it sure must have a computer.


Equipment work well with other pads and can work happily in a hip-hop atmosphere; it is an attractive device. But no new features compared to the mk1. Looks like it can do well in lives.

(Also, there are so many NI’s products once released exactly one year after at half the price so let’s wait. If you have purchased this maschine and was fitted to the massive … freaking new products are coming out you can’t!!)
© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS | Translations might not be 100% accurate since he used  alot of technical language.


trans : bts-trans @ tumblr


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