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으아아 날씨가 너무 좋네요~~ 꽃가루도 막날리고… 코가 간지럽네요 슙슙

Uwah today’s weather is really good~~ there’s also a lot of pollen in the air… my nose is itchy sob sob



삼년간 지내온 정든 숙소를 떠나 내일 다른 숙소로 이사를 갑니다! 쏴리질러!!!!!!! 끼아아아

In these 3 years that I’ve lived in the dorm, I’ve become attached to it but tomorrow we’re changing dorms! Scream!!!!!!! Kyahahaha



내일 이사갈때 머리에 수건 둘러쓰고 이사해야지 왜냐고 물으면 영화나 만화같은데 이사갈때 두건쓰고 가자나… 라고 대답해야지 🙂

Tomorrow, when we’re moving, we’ll do it while putting a towel around my head, because when you see the movies and comics when someone is moving they always do it; so when you’re moving you always have to put it on like that… or that’s what they say 🙂



개. photograph by SUGA pic.twitter.com/QWFnwzSJmO

Dog. photograph by SUGA



저 개 녀석 자기가 사진 찍히는거 아는지 한참동안 저 자세로 꿈쩍도 안함 찍고 갈려니가 계속 짖음 슙슙 안녕 개야

That dog fellow knows he’s going to be photographed and while I moved slowly trying to take the photo he started barking sob sob bye doggie





cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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