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오랜만이에여 랩몬입니다. 날씨굿 기계태닝말고 야외태닝하고싶은데 옥상에서하면 신고당하겠지?

It’s been a long time. The weather is good, instead of tanning using machines, I want to tan outdoors but if I do it in the roof I’ve to report it/get reported right?


ㅋㅋㅋ어떤분이 태닝하려면 예의를 갖춰야된다고.. 경찰도 몸좋은사람이 하고있으면 아~ 간지맨이 태닝을 하는구나 하는데 좀 많이 부실하면 공연음란죄로 잡혀간다네요. 보다 예의를 갖춰 도전하도록 하겠습니다

kkk Some persons, when you tan, said that you’ve to be polite… if you’re polite it’ll also reflect on your body~ also, the police and the people who have a good body if you do it too ah~ The cool guys tan but, I’m getting stressed about if we’ll get caught doing an obscene performance. We’ll be equipped for the challenge with out good manners.

** Note 1: not sure if he said that he’ll get reported or he has to report it himself, either way, maybe being reported because it’s banned makes more sense…?
** Note 2: about the obscene thing, he say it since when you tan you don’t have to wear clothes…



너무너무 감사합니다~!! thx!! 🙂

Thank you so so much~!! thx!! 🙂






Cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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