[ARTICLE] 130520 STAR NEWS – Bulletproof Boy Scouts, under Bang Shihyeok’s lead ‘countdown for the debut in a rush’


The countdown for Bulletproof Boy Scouts’ has kicked off.

The 20th Big Hit Entertainment said “The hip hop idol group, Bulletproof Boy Scouts closed down the blog they were using and the countdown for their debut started”.

Before, the Bulletproof Boy Scouts are a 7 member idols group who have been prepared under the command of Bang Shihyeok, and are perfect at rapping, vocals and even dancing.

In that blog BTS uploaded mixtapes and logs, when it comes to “it seems to be the last post of the blog”, it seems that “a lot of people, even from Australia and Spain sent a lot of messages of support, so please wait a little bit more”, it was a breaking news when they said it was the last video they uploaded onto their blog ahead of their debut.

Also, BTS opened the homepage aimed at the 27th, the D-DAY, with a countdown clock that raised the expectations for their debut.

As well, in the homepage apart from the group name the logo and emblem were also revealed for the first time, making the fans’ expectations rise.

The company, Big Hit Entertainment said “in the future, we plan on unveiling a detailed profile of the members on the website. We put together the members who really enjoy hip hop and are good at it, and I hope you pay them a lot of attention.”



Source: http://star.fnnews.com/news/index.html?no=197271


cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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