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여러부운 뮤비촬영을 앞둔 방탄에게 응원의 메세지 시원하게 쏴주세욧!!!!!!

Everyone, send to Bangtan refreshing messages of support before shooting the mv!!!!!!


흐아 오늘 너무너무 덥워서 흡사 대구의 여름을 재현한것같네여 내일 뮤비촬영이라 회사부터 작업실 연습실까지 이리저리 분주하게 움직이고 있슙니다!! 두근반세근반 설레네욥 바쁘지만 열심히 하겠슙니다 슙슙!그리고 날씨 넘좋다고 빨빨 돌아다니지말긔~ 탈진옴:(

Uwa Today was really hot and felt like it was a recreation of Daegu at summer. Tomorrow, we’ve to shoot the MV and we’ve to move busily back and forth from the company to the studio and practice room!!
Our hearts are beating hard,  I’m excited even if I’m busy, I’ll do my best! sobs sobs Also since the weather is really good ~ we’re wandering freely~ I’m tired 😦


간만에 찾아온 휴식시간이네욧 멘파할 시간은 안되궁 씌원하게 질문 10개 받겠슈가 응캬캬

We went to rest after a long time, it’s break time so I’ll do a mention time, I’ll accept 10 questions kyakya


여러분 좀더 참신한 드립을 품은 질문들 부톽드려욧! 슈가는 드립을 조아행

You all, I’m begging you, wait a bit and send funny questions please! Suga likes gags

** Note: he used a word meaning ‘gags that aren’t funny’


질문 하나남아써 하나남아써

Still a question left, only one left


민슈가 드디어 성인이시다! 감동의눈물 슙슙ㅠ감사합니다:) 

Min Suga is finally an adult! I’m moved to tears sob sob ㅠ thanks a lot 🙂 

** Note: Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi so he added his own surname before Suga.


내님들 내가 다 지켜보고 이씀 한눈 팔다 걸리면 이 카메라로 찍어버림 ^^ 모서리로^^ 정수리를 ^^

You all who are watching , if I catch you I’ll take a photo with this camera ^^ to the edge ^^ the top of the head ^^

** Note: wasn’t really sure about this tweet but I think he is maybe talking also about the photographers.


@elimsbts@BTS_twt 선물. pic.twitter.com/PCUOR12TpF” 슈가짱

@elimsbts@BTS_twt Present. pic.twitter.com/PCUOR12TpF” Suga the best

** (he made a manual RT and added ‘Suga it’s the best)


방탄트위터인데 민슈가가 불법점거하는 기분이군여 자중하겠습니다 슙슙 그럼 이만 빠빠~

It’s BANGTAN’s twitter but Min Suga has a feeling that he’s making it hims illegally, so he’s being careful sob sob then bye bye~


가려다 다시옴 내님들 때…때…문에… 흥 아직연습시간까지 시간이 남아서라구! 오해하지마!츤츤

Because of the people who come back and go… eung I still have time before going back to practice! Don’t get me wrong! Cheuncheun


최초로 공개하는 방탄 단체 로그. 으하하http://bts.ibighit.com 

Making public for the first time a log of all the BANGTAN members uwahahahttp://bts.ibighit.com


[진격의_토끼.jpg] photograph by SUGA pic.twitter.com/XRiZ2JUzw4

[The march/attack of the rabbit.jpg] photograph by SUGA pic.twitter.com/Mms2rGetJf



cr: bts-trans @ tumblr

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