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다람쥐는 다람다람해. photograph by SUGApic.twitter.com/ZpYBylzWO5

Squirrel daramdaram photograph by SUGA pic.twitter.com/CZ25qIQYea

하이안녕 여러분 랩몬입니다 제가 사진을 너무 안올리는거같아서 포토레슨때 찍었던 거 하나 떤지고 갑니다 그리고 3일간찍은 간지 짱짱맨 뮤비 보기전에 맘이나 단디 먹고 준비해두세여 pic.twitter.com/7V4Ip1CScy

Hi, hello, you all I’m RapMons. Because I didn’t I haven’t uploaded many photos, I bring to you one I took in the photo lessons. Also, before watching the cool movie we recorded in 3-days, eating kimchi , leave it prepared.

** Note: from what I’ve found, 짱짱맨 can be used to mean ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’ and it comes from this web www.dcinside.com after the term became popular. Sorry, couldn’t understand what ‘맘이나 단디’ meant. But I think 단디 meand Kimchi in Pyeongan dialects.


그래여 여러분 방탄에서 멋과 간지와 춤을 맡고있느 랩몬입니다

Yeah, in BANGTAN, is Rapmon the one who is in charge of dancing and being fashionable.


네 성년의 날이 5분남았네영!! 슙슙 향수와 장미는 받았는데 뽀뽀를 못받아씀 슙슙 내님들아 모니터에 뽀뽀 한번씩 날려주세욧!!

5 minutes left for my Coming of Age Day!! sobs sobs I received perfume and roses but I didn’t receive any kisses sobs sobs you all, kiss the monitor once and send me one!!



cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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