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뮤비촬영 드디어 끝!! 이제 숙소로 꼬우꼬우 ㅎ근데 내님들아 http://bts.ibighit.com  에 카운트 다운 시작한건 알고 계시나여?? 응캬캬

The mv shooting finally finished!! Now back to the dorm heu but, you all, did you know the countdown has already started?? http://bts.ibighit.com eungkyakya


뮤비촬영끝내고 회사 형,누나들이랑 포옹하는데 왜이렇게 눈물이 나려할까 슙슙 삼년전부터 함께해온 형,누나들 이라서 그런가보다 슙슙 포옹하는데 눈물이 왈칵쏟아질뻔 ㅠㅠ사랑합니다 빅힛ㅠㅠ

The filming ended and we huged the company’s hyungs and noonas but why I’m crying like this sobs sobs, come to think it of, the hyungs and noonas I’ve been together with since some years ago sobs sobs we hugged and my teaser started pouringㅠㅠ I love you Big Hit ㅠㅠ


드디어 저희의 첫 뮤비촬영이 끝났습니다! 짝짝짝! 3일이 눈 깜빡하니 지나가네요ㅜㅜ저희 예쁘게찍고 돌아왔어요! 홈페이지도 오픈하고 이제 정말 얼마 안남았네요>< pic.twitter.com/FpsusELlMv

Finally the shooting for our fist music video has ended! jjakjjakjjak! the 3 days were gone in a blink of an eye ㅜㅜ I came back beautifully! The homepage also opened so there’s not much time left right now ><


@2AMkwon@BTS_twt 귀엽네^^ 방탄..!! 멋지게 준비해서 최고로멋있게 출동해랏!!!! 기대할게 화이팅” 감사합니다 조권선배님! 열심히하겠습니닷!!

“@2AMkwon: @BTS_twt so cute^^ Bangtan..!! they prepared in a really cool way, the best!!!! I’ll look forward to you, fighting”
Thanks a lot JoKwon-sunbaenim! We’ll do our best!!



cr: bts-trans @ tumblr


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