[FANCAFE] 130506 A bright existence like my name, I’m J-HOPE @-@


Hello to all the fans.

I’m J-HOPE who has a bright existence just like my name!

I’m also… writing on the fancafe and I kind of like it??

I,  once… tried it keukeu

Hm,  it’s already June right? We’re really debuting now and also there’s not much time left till we communicate directly with the fans!!

I’m really nervous… @-@

You are all excited like me right? Heuheu~


Hmm, I’m a bit nervous since it’s the first time I write a post here… heuyu

I was worried about what should I write about here but I saw what the other members wrote and there wasn’t much to them hahahahahahaha

(I’ll do it better!!!!!!!!… or not?… ㅠㅠ)


I’m spying what are the fans are talking about lately.
But I saw something interesting.  Something that even me couldn’t discover!!!!!!

You even discovered that a photo of me appeared in the official trailer. Woah~

How did you find it? Really amazing. Am I being greedy?

Other day I’m going to find it myself first kkWhile reading the support messages the fans have left for us we’re preparing for the stage without rest.
Soon our photos and videos for the album will be released one by one. Excited *___*

Look forward do it a lot please. In order to show the best performance we’re sending them everyday.

Also, without letting this theme out

Our debut showcase, the first date with or fans!!

Are you all ready?? Keukeukeu of course you’re coming!! If you don’t come you’re gonna regret it~ heuheu
Since we’ll do even better for our fans, please love us a lot and support us.
For our fans too, we’ll definitively become number one!


Ah, there’s something I missed!!
Don’t worry since there’s me in Bangtan so our future will be full of hope *laughs* (since my name says so…)


That’s why, till now it was the hopeful J-HOPE who wrote a post full of hope. Let’s see again next time.


P.S. I’ll be watching around the fancafe more often now, so wait with your eyes well opened @-@
Fancafe post link: cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/4



cr: BTS- Trans


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