**Note: Before reading it I must say that it seems he likes playing with his name, so there’re some random ‘jin’-s out there.



I’m  Jin, Bangtan’s eldest brother.

I’m the second one after RapMons who is writing a post.  My heart is pounding-jin.

I talk with the fans via twitter and the blog but since it’s my first time writing on our home, the fancafe, so I’m kinda nervous.


Last time, like what RapMons talked about, we, the Bullefproof Boy Scouts came home after filming the music video in 3 days.

We spent the 3 days nervously but after a while we got loose and the nervousness went away and Bangtan’s hips hurt like an elder. Heug heug

But, with the thoughts of quickly showing to our fans a cool image and to not disappoint them, we’re practicing all night long.


While writing the post, thinking of just writing it my heart pounds.

I’m so happy that I can’t put it into words.

Lately, after finishing the practice at dawn, the 7 of us gather and look around the fancafe.

All the fans who connect with us and asks ‘what did you do today?’ and so, all the fans who have waited for us, every time I read your hearts which are waiting, I commit myself and promise to show you our best performance.


So almost half of May has already passed.

As the D-DAY comes nearer, I think the members seem to stick to each other.

Beyond  the stickiness to our dream all the members are occupied. Now, not only members, I want the fans to be in my dream too, haha.

Since I told that to my parents, I want my parents to appear in my dreams……

So, nowadays I’m trying hard to make my parents appear in my dreams. Because I’ma  devoted son.

But still, the fans are the number 1 on my heart. If you want to appear on my dream leave a comment.

I’ll print the comments and put them under my pillow. I’ll tell you if I dream of you.


We’re always thankful to the fans who send us support and cheering messages, we love you.

Then, see you later. Bye.
Fancafe post link http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/2



cr: BTS-Trans


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