[FANCAFE] 130529 Hello I’m SUGA


Hello you all I‘m SUGA.

I wanted to write a post on the fancafe so I wrote it when the day was almost ending 🙂

Suddenly we’re already running towards June.

We, BANGTAN, as we get closer to our debut, we’re half excited half scared.

If it’s far it’s far, and if it’s close it’s close the 3 years of training are finally coming to an end.

Those words, the day when you will be able to see me it’s getting nearer right?

It’s really exciting right? I’m praying to these days past quickly so I’m able to see all of you.

Why does my heart beat like this? Eungkyakya


You will come to the showcase right…?

You will come to the first room right…? (it’s written cheotbangttae; he may also have mixed ‘first’ with bangtan)

You’re all looking forward to it right…?

If you can’t come the attacking SUGA is going to visit you all directly and I won’t have any mercy with you.

If you can’t come *sobs sobs* I think I might cry : (


It’s not a joke.



P.S.  Also, all the people read the fancafe without commenting but have you seen how I write? If you say silly things the attacking SUGA will order an attack.
Fancafe post link: http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/3


cr: BTS-trans @ tumblr


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