Hello I’m V!!

Finally!!!!  The day when I write on the fancafe has come.  (deeply moved)

For the past few months the fans have been talking with the other members and I thought ‘ah… when I’m going to be able to do that…?’ so I wanted to write and my hand was all impatient  ㅠㅠ


Every time I saw them writing, I got nervous and I don’t know how many times I entered twitter and the cafe. You all wanted to know right? Finally I’m introducing myself! ㅠㅠ


Right now I’m also able to talk with the fans so I’m happy 🙂

There’s 10 days till we finally stand on the stage.

Sometimes I’m nervous, I’m anticipating it, tension…

It’s a feeling that’s hard to express with words, and everyday I’ve these heart attacks :->

Please, look over us since Bangtan will inflate your hearts •_<


We’ll see you in 10 days !!!!!!! >:D


Then, in order to prepare a special stage, I’ll calm down and go to practice! Let’s see again next time ppyong!


Fancafe post link: http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN/jbaQ/5


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