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내님들아 뭐? 아직 공카 가입을 안했다구여??헐… http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN  친절하게 주소투척!! 당장가서 가입하세요 두번하세요 맨날 눈팅중이니까 :)”

You all? you still haven’t joined the official cafe?? heol… cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN kindly go to this address!! Go and join now, do it twice since you’re always not posting anything 🙂

** Note: they always say the’re not posting anything but in this case I don’t know if they were referring to themselves or the fans.


@BTS_twt: XD thx


@BTS_twt: Rest In Peace Biggie Smalls


지민이에요ㅎ 이사진은 꽤 오래된 사진인데요! 전번에 연습실에서 노래하고있을땐지 레슨받고있을땐지 찍어서 보내주던데 어때?소울넘처요?ㅎㅎ pic.twitter.com/lQNVYJNehb

I’m Jeemin *laughs*

It’s a really old photo this one!

Maybe it was taken the last time when I was in the practice room singing? is my ‘soul’ overflowing? hehehpic.twitter.com/lQNVYJNehb


샤워를 끝내고 촉촉한 윤기 셀카투척!pic.twitter.com/mjqY55wQDy

After showering, moist and shiny selca throw!

** Note: it’s a slogan from a product from Gatsby called Cool Wet.


아 드립력 충만한 새벽이다…

Ah, the ad-lib/gag is replete of dawn…

** Note: the last tweet has a conection with the other one so maybe he uploaded it as a ‘joke’.



cr: BTS-Trans @ tumblr


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