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날씨 차암 좋다~ 이런 이불 덮고 자고 싶은 날씨당 응캬캬 포풍스웩 침낭 ㅋ pic.twitter.com/8lxnkQZEcb


The weather is really nice~ in this weather I feel like sleeping in these kind of blankets keungkyakya in this sleeping bag kk pic.twitter.com/8lxnkQZEcb


아 저런 침낭에 들어가서 자고있으면엄마한테 등짝스파이크 맞을듯 파바박

Ah, if I went to sleep in this sleeping bag, my mum will put me spikes in my back, pababak

** Note: I think he used dialect so it may be wrong. Also, the ‘pababak I don’t know if it’s a laugh type or a onomatopoeia… (it seems like it’s also a snack lol).


팔로어 3000명까지 얼마 안남았네욧 슙 삼찬동파하면 사진하나 풀게슙 응캬캬

Not many followers left till we reach 3000 sobs if we reach I’ll upload a photo eungkyakya


으앙 오늘까지 팔로워 3000이라는 특명을 받았슙니다 우리 열심히 삼천찍어보아욧 응캬캬

Uwah, today we received an extraordinary (number of) 3000 followers, we’ll do our best and look over us eungkyakya


삼천돌파아아!!! 좋은 하루 보내세여 🙂 pic.twitter.com/LK9ARJFPpb


More than 3000 followers!!! Hope you have a good day 🙂 pic.twitter.com/LK9ARJFPpb



cr: BTS-Trans @ tumblr


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