[TWITTER] 130523 part 2



랩몬입니다 5년전부터 저만의 아이돌이자 롤모델인 칸예. 곧 돌아오네요 데뷔만큼 설렌다..http://hiphople.com/subtitle/749695  too amazing

I’m RapMons, since 5 years ago my idol and role model, Kanye is  coming back soon, it’s as exciting as his debut .http://hiphople.com/subtitle/749695  too amazing.

@BTS_twt 푸핫! 형 이거 언제 올린거에요! 와 볼이 빵빵한데요?? 왜 이런거 올리고 그래여 !ㅜ 풉 나도 형 몰래찍을거에요 딱봐여 ㅋㅋ (they mentioned themselves)

*laughs*! Hyung, when did you upload this? why do I’ve my cheeks like that?? Why are you uploading these things! ㅜ I’ll also take a photos while the hyungs don’t know, see you later kk


여러분 모해여? 오늘같이 햇빛이 쨍쨍한 날씨 제이홉은 랩몬따라하는중 @-@ 오예 선글라스pic.twitter.com/WZ0tnAKG2v


What are you all doing? Today we, RapMons and J-HOPE, who is following him right now, are enjoying the sunlight in this good weather @-@ oh yeah sunglases


헤헤헤 이번에 슈가형 식단하고있는 모습을 몰래찍었지요ㅎㅎ 근데.. 먼가 느낌있는데..? 이런의도가이닌데..ㅋㅋㅋpic.twitter.com/xASYot4OOw


Hehehe this time I captured Suga’s appearance without him knowing heuheu but… he’s feeling something? He has this purpose… Kk http://t.co/9l8lnI35t6


하하 여러분이 보내주시는 편지는 하나도 안빼놓고 다아 읽고있습니다~! 손편지,공카 편지까지 응캬캬 공카에 편지쓰셔두 다읽고 이써영ㅎ 방탄은 편지를 환영합니다 응캬캬 🙂

Haha I’ve read every one letters the all of you have sent without leaving out even one~! From the he handwritten letters to the ones at the fancafe eungkyakya I’ve read through all the fancafe ones heu I welcome the letters for Bangtan eungkyakya 🙂



cr: BTS-Trans


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