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첫 글 올렸진 가서보세요

I uploaded a post for the first time so read it please


잘지냈진? 보고싶어도 쪼끔만더 기다려줘요

You’ve been well? I wanted to see you but wait a little bit more please

** Note: he mixed ‘how are you’ with Jin.


지산에 나스가!!!!! 나스가!!!!!!!! 아.. 왜하필 락페냐.. 나의 아이돌 나스.. 보고싶습니다 형님

NaS goes to Jisan!!!! NaS!!!!!!! Ah… why at a rock festival my idol NaS… I want to see you hyungnim.

** Note: He’s talking about the Jisan World Rock Festival 2013 and Nas is an American rapper.


이요~.,랩모니형을 따라하는 제이홉형을보고 저도 썬그라스 셀카 욕심! 호이” 어때요?pic.twitter.com/mrSQKbUTrO


Iyo~ after seeing how J-Hope hyung copied RapMons hyung, I also decided to take a selca with my sunglases on! Hoi, how is it? http://t.co/IzotW5uAsN


방탄이들이 핸드크림을 단체로 샀슙니닷!! 우리 보들보들한 손으로 만나요 🙂 응캬캬pic.twitter.com/0xA5mqFf3F


Bangtan has bought a pack of hand creams!! Let’s meet with our soft hands 🙂 eungkyakyapic.twitter.com/0xA5mqFf3F


오늘은 과일먹기좋은날씨네요 5월 더위조심하세요!pic.twitter.com/4yXNTVr4UI

Today’s weather is perfect to eat fruits, be careful of May’s heat!pic.twitter.com/4yXNTVr4UI

요즘 랩몬 따라하기가 유행이라믄서~~?pic.twitter.com/gPwWiujyMA
I heard that lately the trend is to copy RapMonst~~? 


cr: BTS-Trans


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