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여러분!!!!! 아침부터 엄청난 영상이하나 공개됬는데 잘보셨나여~~~~??? 와우 짱짱 @-@ 못보셨다면 당장당장 GOGO!! http://bts.ibighit.com

You all!!!!! We’ve revealed one great video since morning, have you all seen it~~~???? Wow cool cool @-@ If you haven’t seen it GOGO here!! http://bts.ibighit.com


우리 티져를 본 하늘도 감격스러운지 비를 다 내려주시네요 세륜비… 내님들아 티져 보신 소감 씌원하게 하나씩 쏴주세요~~!!응캬캬

After watching our teaser, even the sky was deeply moved so it’s raining now… you all, please tell me your impressions after watching the teaser~~!! eungkyakya


하늘색이랑 깔맞춤 pic.twitter.com/FrfqyQH2oE


A light blue coordinate/look~ pic.twitter.com/FrfqyQH2o



cr: BTS-Trans @ tumblr


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