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비오는날 여러분의 마음을 달래드리는 황금막내 꾸기와 셀카 한장 @-@ 조금 지난사진이지만 투척!! 으핫pic.twitter.com/Ivy6wKIQog


In a rainy day a selca with the gold-maknae that will soothe your heart @-@ it’s a photo from a little before though!! euhat


안녕하세요 슈간데요 저랑 진형이랑 이층침대 마주보고 자는 사이거등여? 지금 진형은 보컬레슨 갔는데 침대에 누가 있는거에요 깝놀해서 보니… 왠 닭한마리가 매의눈으로 날쳐다보고있어씀pic.twitter.com/7kBoX2JJep


Hello I’m SUGA. Me and Jin-hyung are watching the opposite bunk, is he sleeping? Right now Jin-hyung is on the vocal lesson but when I went to see who was in the bed… why a chicken with hawk eyes is looking at me?




cr: BTS-Trans @ tumblr


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