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아아 방탄홍보봇 슈가가 왔습니다! 아직까지 방탄쇼케이스 신청을 안한사람이 있다고요?? 허어얼~~~ 쇼케이스 신청하려면 공카로 고고!! cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN 우리의 모습을 카메라에 담고싶다면 팬프레스신청 하시면 되요오오 응캬캬

Aah, Bangtan’s public relation’s bot Suga has come! There’s still people who haven’t applied for the Bangtan showcase??? Go and apply for the showcase now, go go!! cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN if you want to capture our appearance then apply for Fan Press eungkyakya


불타는 토요일밤 제이홉 공식글도 올라갔궁 기분좋아서 랩몬스터와 찍은 2년전사진 한번 올려봐요 흐흐 @_@ 우와 진짜 추억추억 크크 살이통통하네여 귀엽게봐주때여 @_@ pic.twitter.com/x9geepG5D8

A Saturday night that feels like it’s going to burn, J-HOPE is feeling good so he’s uploading posts and because of that, I’m uploading a photo I took with RapMons 2 years ago heuheu @_@ woah this really brings back memories keukeu I was a bit chubby, I looked cute  @_@


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