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안녕하세요 V입니다 오우⊙д⊙ 이렇게 트위터에서 처음으로 인사드리니 기분 짱이네요 앞으로 트위터에 많이 놀러올꺼니까 방탄많이 사랑해주세요! 그렁 쁑vV

Hello I’m V uwuh ⊙д⊙ I’m feeling good since I’m gretting you all via twitter like this for the first time, from now on I’ll come to twitter more often so love Bangtan a lot! then, ppyong vV


내친구지민이와사진투척vV pic.twitter.com/GlJ0tDL9Nn

Taking a photo with my friend Jimin vV pic.twitter.com/GlJ0tDL9Nn


다음공개가 2시간 정도 남았네욤 하핫 오늘은 누가공개될까요? 전 알아요 ㅎㅎpic.twitter.com/MW9lc69OwS

There’s around 2 hours left until the next release haha today whose will be revealed? I know it heuheupic.twitter.com/MW9lc69OwS


여려분 놀리는거 재밌어욤 하핫@o@ 과연!? 두구두구두구~

Teasing you all it’s fun haha @o@ really!? dugudugudugu



cr: BTS-Trans @ tumblr


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