I’m Bangtan Boys’ maknae Jungkook.
It’s my first time writing on the cafe.
I have so many things I want to say but don’t know where to start..

There’s a week left until our first performance and all the nervousness and anxiety from before feels like it’s moving to my stomach.
But if they’re feelings for our fans, I will have to bear it.
You guys want to meet us soon too, right??

Bear it..

Today the photos of all seven members were revealed..how were they?
I couldn’t register anything while we were taking those photos but time has gone by so fast and now the photos are being revealed and we’ll be meeting fans..it’s cool.

For the remaining time left, we (especially me) will be preparing hard to show a cooler side of us.

Please anticipate and cheer us on a lot!




Translated by busantoki @ Tumblr



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