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응캬캬 랩라인 삼인방의 사진이 떳습니닷!! 잘감상하셨나욥??슈가가 젤잘나옴 🙂

Eungkyakya The three rap line members’ photos have been released!! have you seen them well?? Suga is looking good 🙂


잠깐만요 슈가님이 한가지 간과하신게 있는데; 남자는 블랙 남자는 수트죠 결론은 랩몬리다몬짱짱걸

Wait a bit, Suga-nim has overlooked something but; the men, the black men is in a suit of course, in the end, since RapMons is the leader, cool cool


역시남자라면 마스크죠!!! 안그래영?? 헤헤@-@ 제이홉짱짱

Of course if you’re a man it’s a mask!!! Or not?? hehe @-@ J-HOPE cool cool


저희 슈가형 홉형 리다형 잘보셨나요? 전 내일 전국모의고사를 위해 일찍자겠스므리더vV 내일 아침에봐유 쁑⊙д⊙ pic.twitter.com/to2Pco8w8b


Have you seen, our Suga-hyung, Hop-hyung & Leader-hyung teaser photos? In order to pass the nationwide exam practice tomorrow I’ll go to sleep early vV I’ll see you in the morning tomorrow ppyeong ⊙д⊙http://t.co/to2Pco8w8b


안녕하세요 슈간데요 뷔랑 지민이가 오늘 모의고사 친다고 하네요… 흠 제 고1 담임선생님이 말씀하셨죠 모의고사는 실력이 아니라 시력으로 치는 거라고 응캬캬 오늘 모의고사 치는 고등학생 내님들아 부디 시력말고 실력으로 잘치길 기도하겠습니다 응캬캬

Hello I’m Suga. Today Jimin will go to do the practice exam… Hmm my teacher said it once, that the practice exam is not about skills it’s about the visuals eungkyakya all the high schoolers taking the practice exam today, I hope you do the visuals well and not your skills eungkyakya.
**Note: I think he’s saying to make the exam paper look nice and clean and not a total mess.


안녕하세요 리다몬입니다. 흑백대비가 쩌는 수묵화, 저도 참 좋아하는데요. 제가 한번 그려보…..?pic.twitter.com/pngiCoJy4b


Hello I’m the leader. I really like the black & white contrast of the Indian ink and should I try painting it once…? pic.twitter.com/pngiCoJy4b


고양이. photograph by SUGA pic.twitter.com/wvY1wmXubO


Cat photograph by SUGA pic.twitter.com/wvY1wmXubO


여러분 모하시나용 ??지금제이홉은 치카푸카중 @-@ pic.twitter.com/KGUDlNOHAA


What are you all doing?? Right now J-HOPE is brushing his teeth @-@ pic.twitter.com/KGUDlNOHAA

네 그래요 저 면도하는 남자에요 상남자 스뭬엘~ 근데 방탄소년단의 음반 예약이 시작된건 알고 계시나요?? 크 공카공지를 확인해주세욧 응캬캬 http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN  고고고!!!pic.twitter.com/ERDVz04E09

Yeah, that’s right, I’m a man who shaves, a man’s smell~ By the way, did you know that the preorder for the BTS’ album has already started?? please check the link for the news eungkyakya http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN go go go!!! pic.twitter.com/ERDVz04E09




cr: BTS-Trans


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