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여러분.. 모의고사어땠나요Vv… 전 괜찮아요 ㅠㅠ… pic.twitter.com/7RE4ae6USv

How was the practice exam you all? vV I’m/mine fine ㅠㅠ… pic.twitter.com/7RE4ae6USv


헐 슈간데요 뷔가 제 비니를 허락도 없이 썻네요 혼구녕을 내줄테다

Heol, I’m Suga. V wore my beanie without my permission, I’ll take your soul.


방탄홍보봇 슈가등장! 트랙리스트가 떳습니다 응캬캬 공카에서 확인가능 합니돠아~ http://cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN

BTS’ public relations bot Suga appears! The tracklist has been unveiled eungkyakya check it out on the fancafe~ cafe.daum.net/BANGTAN


안녕하세요 음악추천봇 랩몬입니다. 오늘은 The Script의 Breakeven. 가사가 진짜 예술이에요. 심장이 부서질 땐 똑같이 반으로 부숴지지 않으니까~http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCLLHscMOw

Hello, I’m the music recommendation bot RapMons. Today it’s The Scrip’s Breakeven. The lyrics are really artistic. Because when your heart is broken, you can’t break it the same way~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCLLHscMOw
**Note: his last sentence are actually the lyrics of the song (and I actually think the got a word wrong).


브인데요.. 덥지않아요?..⊙д⊙ 물놀이V

I’m V but… Is not hot?… ⊙д⊙ having fun in the water V


현충일에도 work!! 더위조심하세요~pic.twitter.com/0gLfhDyEgL

Working even in the Memorial Day!! be careful of the heat~pic.twitter.com/0gLfhDyEgL


랩몬입니다. 오늘은 6월 6일 현충일입니다! 조국 수호를 위해 돌아가신 순국선열 및 호국영령에 대한 묵념! 저희가 이토록 자유롭게 음악을 할 수 있는 것도 다 그 숭고한 희생들 덕분일 것입니다. 그 분들의 넋을 기립니다.

I’m RapMons. Today is June 6th, Memorial Day! It’s a day when we have a moment of silence and we par tribute to the national heroes’ spirits who gave up their lives to defend our country. Thanks to them we can do music freely like this, so it’s all thanks to their noble sacrifice. We pay respect to those people’s souls.


자아겁을 합시이다아 가사아아를 씁시다아 고오옥을 씁시다아 이런 더운날엔 작업실에 박혀있는게 짱짱!! 아 맞다 나 매일 작업실에있지??:(

Let’s get to wo-ork let’s write some lyr-ics let’s write some mu-usic! It’s great being stuck in the work room on a hot day like this!! Oh right, I’m in the work room every day, huh?? 😦

모의고사 잘 보셨어요?? 저도 어제 시험보러 학교갔었는데 친구가 몰래 제 사진을 찍었더라구요! 도대체 언제! 그래도 사진 느낌있는데??ㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/W2GajbUX4T

Has your practice exam went well? I also went to do it yesterday but a friend of mine took a photo of me without knowing! When did he took it!! But still the pic has a feeling?? kkk pic.twitter.com/irxrguhSAB


제이홉 찡마스크 사진볼때마다 티라노 사우르스같다 앞으로 티라노제이홉스라 불러야지

Every time I see the photo of J-HOPE with the mask I think he looks like a Tyrannosaurus, I gotta call him Tyrannosaurus from now on


너무더워요๑_๑ 봄으로 돌아가고시프다..pic.twitter.com/oAOT4Z3nkx

It’s really hot ๑_๑ I want to go back to Spring.. pic.twitter.com/oAOT4Z3nkx

뭐?? 지금 자러가는 사람들이 있다고?? 좀이씀 트레일러 공갠데?? 허어어얼!

What?? That there’s people sleeping now?? But the trailer is gonna be released soon?? heohohohol!

cr: BTS-trans

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